In Buddhism, Vu lan is one of two biggest meaningful festivals. While Western people have Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, the Vietnamese consider Vu Lan Holiday as the dutifulness with our parents. Then, Vu Lan’s meaning and origin is mentioned below

Back to the earliest of Buddhism, MucKien Lien is one of outstanding discipline of Buddha who has deep perception of life. One day he uses his buddhistic eyes to looking for his mother. Then he saw his mother is suffering the torture in hell because of bad things she did during her life. When people are alive, there always exist selfishness, greedy, and deception in their habit.After their life, when they died, some go to the heaven, some go to the hell because of pervious evil deeds. Consequently, his mother is punished by fire, starve. Although he uses power to bring a bowl of rice for her, she cannot eat anything because the rice is burnt in front of her mouth.

MucKien Lien looks very pity. After that, he returns back then come to Buddha to ask some helps. Buddha told him to show the food and pray together with all monks to reduce her guilt on lunar 15th July. The sincerity of all prayer does not only release MucKien Lien‘s mother soul but also other countless souls. Since, everyone believes that the gate of hell will be opened 24 hours to release tormented souls. Afterward, Vu lan ceremony is hold on 15th July in annually lunar calendar in Vietnam, China and Japan as well.

Throughout the above story, everyone can guess less or more the meaning of Vu lan holiday.

It presents children’s love and gratitude to parents as well as ancestors. In the Vu lan month, these spirits are allowed to returned their former home. That’s the reason why meal is prepared on this day to worship the dead in family. As Buddhism’s belief, people also will come to Buddhist pagodas then pray for salvation of souls when hearing monks read Buddhist scriptures.

Additionally, this ceremony is the opportunity for guilty and wandering souls to be forgiven. So now each family will hold a feast with food and paper cloth for homeless and hungry spirits which are released when the gate hell is opened.

Although meaning is the same, the diversity of Vu lan holiday is different from other countries.

Don’t miss a chance to experience Vu lan activities in Vietnam.

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