The traditional Vietnamese dish has been voted to be one of ten best culinary dishes - resulting from an open poll to highlight the most popular cuisines on the planet held by CNN Travel’s voters on Facebook.

Vietnam is such a great place to sample with so much of different local specialty cuisine, almost every region has its own unique foods but fried spring roll is most popular one. People could find Vietnamese fried spring roll in a banquet or in many of street food stalls, it is one of the Asian foods that is on people’s minds nowadays.


It’s featuring crispy shell with some vegetable, mushroom, egg, dry rice noodle, and meat or seafood filling, when eating people dip it in tangy weak fish sauce.

These other dishes in the list are: adodo of the Philippines, beef noodles of Taiwan, Gun Tong Gau of Hong Kong, fried chicken of Thailand, Parmigiano – reggiano of Italy, laksa of Malaysia, Kobe beef kaiseki of Japan, kebab of Greece and bangali thala of India.

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