Located in Quang Binh Province, about 500km south of Hanoi – Capital city of Vietnam.  Son Doong cave probably is one of very few places that is still isolated from the crowd.

Son Doong cave – the biggest cave in the world, even bigger than Deer Cave in Malaxia has been found by a local who named Ho Khanh by an incident. He came there very first time in 1991 but until about six years ago, nobody had ever explored Son Doong Cave.

Son Doong Cave

On March 2009, Howard Limbirtc – member of Bristish Caving Association and four other explorers have found that Son Doong is about 6km at least, more than 200m wide, 150m high. It houses a river and even a jungle and especially could fit a 40 storey skysail within its walls.

The discovery of Son Doong Cave was compared as special as the discovery of Everest peak in the bowels of the earth.

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