About 38 km from Lao Cai City, Sapa District is Vietnamese’s northern mountain near Chinese border. Sapa is famous for its beauty, It is incredibly beautiful town which lies on Hoang Lien Son mountain range.


There are also four typical seasons. However, the summer is not as hot as other regions in Vietnam. It might be one of Sapa’s advantages. Even summer, the weather is always cool as spring or autumn. So it makes visitor easily feel comfortable when coming this town. Sometimes, short and heavy rain just comes in the morning but the sun shines after that.

When the winter comes from November to end of January, the weather is very cold. Because of mountainous geography, snow normally appears when temperature is below 0⁰C. So, visitor can choose their favourite weather to enjoy Sapa’s diverse climate.


Sapa is well known for the local’s hospitality. There are some minority ethnics such as H’mong, Thai, Dao in this region. They live scattered nearby Sapa District. Their living is not as modern and bustled as living in the city. That is the reason why local people are closely, friendly and truly. They plant vegetables and paddy in terraced fields.

Nowadays, due to development of Sapa tourism, their lives are better. The local can run their own enterprises like textile, agriculture and travelling services. They communicate with tourists or foreigners who stay there for long time so languages are not difficult for them. So don’t be surprise when the minority children are able to greet and talk by few languages.

Yet, education in the rural region hasn’t been paid much attention so children here are not all go to school. Many of them stay at home to take care of their younger siblings and do house works for their parents; or sell some souvenirs in the town for tourists.

All of tourists who have been here always want to take picture with the minority because they are attracted by the locals’ wearing. Local people use handmade clothes and jewelries. They themselves dye their colorful brocades and also wear handmade necklaces and bracelets.

How to travel

From Ha Noi, it is very easy to come to Sapa by train or car.

By Train: From Tran Quy Cap Railway Station to Lao Cai Station then visitor can come to Sapa Town by taxi or car. The best time schedule is at 8pm or 9 pm departing from Ha Noi and arriving Lao Cao in early morning at 5 am or 6 am.

By Car: There are some kinds of bus to Sapa such as sleeping bus or express bus. It takes less time than by train, about 4 hours

Warning: The way to Sapa is extremely curly. So let’s consider carefully when choosing the transportations. If you got car sick, please remember to take medicine.

Next part, Sapa’s beautiful landscapes will be introduced one by one. So, waiting for our blog or take a Sapa tour right now to self - experience.

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