Although Vietnam culinary is colorful but some of traveller has known fully Vietnamese‘s dessert especially a kind of sweet soup namely Che.

To cool down the heat of summer months, the locals have their own treat is Che. Most of Vietnamese will have the same ideals if they are asked by question for their favorites sweets in the hot weather instead of other common foods such as ice cream or popsicles. Che’s variety is shown in ingredient and recipes of each kind. Coconut cream, fruit, beans, milk, and sugar is used the most when cooking Che.

Many kinds of che now is served in restaurants like a dessert or sold in some shops along road side. Locals can order and eat in the stall or take away then enjoy it later. Mixing with a lot of crushed ice is the best choice for cooling in the hot summer.  There are some popular kinds of Vietnamese Che as below.

1. Che with beans

The simplest type of Che is black bean, red bean, and green bean. This classic kind is much common for locals who live in the north of Vietnam. Apparently, simple is the best way to make Vietnamese Che different from sweet soup in some Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thai.

2. Lotus Che

It is cooked by lotus seed. Sometimes, it is covered by longan. There is a flavor for who like slightly sweet taste.

3. Mixing Che

When every kind of Che is mixed togother, it called CheThap Cam.  It includes fruit, beans, jelly, coconut milk and so on. It definitely is smart choice for who wants try everything in one bowl of Che.

4. Banhtroinuoc

Another version of Che, it is served from sweet soup to savory. Its shape is small dumpling which is made from glutinous rice. Either hot or cold Che are eaten with brown soup made by water, brown sugar and ginger root added.

How to eat Che

Nowadays, other kinds of drink as ice blend coffee or ice creams has much more popular than Che. But the Che is still cultural character so tourists can find it easily in small stall in Old Quarter streets in Hanoi. Additionally, Che is one of delicious desserts after lunch or dinner in many Vietnamese food restaurants. Also, Che is sold in plastic cup as take away in most of supermarket.

However, to enjoy Che as local people,please follow some recommended places below. There will be a bit crowded and sometimes it not enough space to sit but it will be exciting experiences in street tour just only about a dollar per glass or bowl.

Places to enjoy Che in HN and HCM as well:

Hà Nội

Che Tran Chau: Dao Duy Tu Str near Dong Xuan Market

Che Bon Mua: No.04 Hang Can, HoanKiem District.

Chehoa qua ( or hoa qua dam) : To Tich street near by HoanKiem lake.

Hồ Chí Minh

Chè Thái Y Phương: 380 NguyenTri Phương, Quận 10.

Che Kỳ Đồng: 153/7 KỳĐồng, Quận 3.


Let’s take street food tour to get a chance to enjoy a bowl of Che.

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