When visiting Hoi An, people could very easily to find this local dish in many different places, from a very nice restaurant to street foods stalls but to try the true taste of the dish is in Phu Chiem – an area in Triem Nam village, Dien Phuong Commune in Dien Ban district – the birthplace of mi Quang noodle.

Quang Noodle

The most important thing make Quang noodle in Phu Chiem special is broth, which take lot of time and effort to make. At first, chef boil peanuts well then grind it in order to extract oil, afterward the chef would use this oil to mixed with ground meat of paddy field crabs, then the mixture is cooked with shrimp that is roasted with salt and mixed with peanut oil for around 30 minutes. The broth is then added with fat and lean meat and cooked for another 15 minutes.

The noodles used for mi Quang in Phu Chiem are native product as well, they come from rice which grown at farm along the famous local Thu Bon river.

When serving the dish, the eaters usually added raw vegetables like bean sprout, coriander, mint, some fresh chili and lemon.

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