The Culture and tourism week in Van Phuc silk village started up on February 19th at Van Phuc Temple in Van Phuc precinct, Ha Dong district, Hanoi.

The cultural activity responds to the National Tourism Year of Red River Delta 2013 and aims to preserve and promote the beautiful cultural features of the silk village. The event is also an excellent opportunity for the village to popularize its beautiful silk products to international visitors, promote trade and tourism, as well as to attract more labourers.

Accordingly, visitors will have an opportunity to lean more about the beautiful culture of the village through interesting activities, such as water puppetry performances, a night market, sacrifice ceremony to the Father of the industry, an ornamental tree contest and other arts activities.

At the ceremony, the Vietnam Association for Natural and Environmental Protection presented certificates recognizing the Banian, Streblus asper and Rut trees in the temple, two longan trees in a pagoda in the village, and the Terminalia catappa tree in the communal house as relics for the village.

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