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Mr. Phillip Harris
From: Philadelphia – United State
Living: United State

We took an extra trip with Viet Expert Travel down to Tam Coc that is south of the city and it is really beautiful and unusual area. I have not been to Ha Long bay and I heard that this area with very similar structure because it has big limestone mountains and the other very interesting thing was you could get on boats and paddle along the river, they went through rice paddies and you see people working in the fields.

The other interesting things was there were goats up on the hillside and I had a pleasure of eating goat in a local restaurant, food were good there and we had a really wonderful guide who not only informative but he enjoy his experience as well you can tell.

Mr. Paul Sheehan
From: Dublin – Ireland
Living: Sydney Australia

My name is Paul from Dublin Ireland but currently living in Sydney in the last five years. I just her with my wife and I in Ha long bay, we are on the honeymoon.

We just plan to travel to South East Asia on our own then my wife she looks on the internet then she decided to go with Viet Expert Travel because her father went five years ago and what can I say it just been smooth always just everything , the service from when my wife start to talk with agent, everything just went so smooth since we arrive from the airport.

I was pretty argument that I go to travel to South East Asia on my own but I so happy we chose Viet Expert because everything has been organized ahead of time giving us more time to enjoy our holiday without worrying about all the things likes airport transfers, hotels reservation and all the accommodation and all the daily activities just been fantastic. And it just runs so smooth that my wife and I were really had good time and that were a holiday for us and I guess it is for you too.

So again highly recommend Viet Expert Travel and hopefully you will have great time like this

Mr. Jason Collado and Family
From: California – United State
Living: California – United State
Trip date: 27 Dec 2013 to 08 Jan 2014

Hi, my name is Jason Collado. This is my family. We’ve just finished our 13 days tour here in Vietnam. This is my daughter Adrianna, my wife Lynn. We are from America - California – Los Angeles and I could not be more pleased with Viet Expert Travel. From the minute I got off the plane in Hanoi still the time I am leaving here in Saigon, everything has been perfect. From tour guide speak perfect English, with great transportation, great activities are suggestion, terrific restaurant. They were taken care of everything from A to Z. If you think about coming to Vietnam on your next vacation, I strongly suggest you to use Viet Expert Travel – I LOVE VIETNAM

Mrs. Ellen Harris
From: Philadelphia – United State
Living: United State

I want to talk a little specifically about one of the trip that I went on with Viet Expert Travel and it wad to Ha long bay, an extraordinary place in itself.

The trip were always amazing, the guide was incredible the most, the driver was very courses and wonderful, then we had a guide who were so attentive to every needs, has the sense of humour, spoke great English and were making sure all the time that we were comfortable with the others staffs on the boat.

The boat -- accommodation could not been nicer, I love to that you could have air conditioning on if you want it and in the evening when it is chilly there is heat right in your cabin. They were luxurious with their own bathroom, it was amazing.

The meals -- I have a daughter who is with me who is vegetarian, she had seven courses meal justice we had seven courses meal and extraordinary food for her ad well. And they make a big thing of display of the foods by bringing out and showing us how they cut fruits, how they do things. Just so amazing and so personalize.

The people we met from other countries on our trip even though we were chose a small boat, we had just about 20 people and they were great.

So I will recommend to everyone I know to travel with Viet Expert Travel whenever they can.

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