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We are Ian and Jan from Australia we are on 24 days tour Cambodia and Vietnam with Viet Expert Travel. We just been five days in Ho Chi Minh city and Mekong delta, we had excellent driver – Lac has been taking us around in very nice air condition vehicle, it been very nice he keep us in cold water and nice air condition vehicle, it has been lovely to have him driving in crazy traffic here in Ho Chi Minh city.

Our guide has been Hien – very passionate young man about his country Vietnam, he told us so much about history, customs, all aspects of Vietnamese lives and he has done an excellent job introducing us to this area in Vietnam and we recommend in highly to anybody else.

We just had a wonderful time, this five days of our trip has been wonderful. Thanks to our guide and driver.

My name is Jannette , I come from Blue Mountain area, just outside of Sydney New South Wales Australia.

This is our second trip to Viet Nam in six months. We come back because we enjoyed our first trip so much. We were in touch with Viet Expert Travel group whom we got nothing but praise for we been very happy with everything.

We are two women friends traveling together, we always feel very safe, we’ve been happy with all services we had everywhere. The drivers were excellent, the guides always knowledgeable and we always listen because they always give us the best advice, I would highly recommend people come here again.

On our first trip, we went out and we did Ha long bay which were very beautiful, Ho Chi Minh city and we went to Hoi An and Hue which were all very interesting and all of our guides and drivers were excellent.

This time, we follow different itinerary, we came in to Cambodia where once again, the guide and service we could not complain about and then we flew to Hanoi and we been up to Sapa where we walked, met and talked with a lots of local minority people and by traveling with a local tour operator we were able to actually go inside the houses with people and have a lots of other experiences that I know other friends here have not have the opportunity to experience in to share.

So I would definitely recommend to people that if you are coming to Vietnam go with this tour company - Viet Expert Travel – they are excellent and this is not a pay day this is just because of they are terrific.

Mrs:  Kim Mai Thien Huynh
From: Houston – United State
Living: Houston – United State

Trip date:  03 Feb 2014 to 09 Feb 2014

Hi, my name is Kim. I am from Houston specifically United State America. I am currently at Sapa- Vietnam and I am with Minh at Viet Expert Travel. I was referred to them by a good friend. I emailed them and the whole process going through like details and everything and the experiences was very nice. You know, I had no worry that my trip would be good. As soon as I arrived to Hanoi, Minh picked us up on - time, I was never worried about somebody not showing up. So far it has been about four days, five days now and we just really enjoying ourselves and having really good experience. We gone all the history, and the culture, environment everything you can think of that is parts of very fun and exciting vacation.
So I will definitely be using Minh with Viet Expert Travel whenever I come back to Vietnam and for any future travel experience.

Ms. Katie Walsh
From: Ireland
Living: Sydney Australia

My name is Katie from Ireland but currently living in Sydney. As you see, I am in Ha long bay on our honeymoon.

A quick backgrounds , we start to plan our honeymoon about a year ago, we planning to go to South East Asia by ourselves but my father who is retired have mentioned he took a trip to South East Asia with Viet Expert Travel so I decided to drop them an email. In two days she come back with itineraries, ideals, everything, so it was kind of over all we go back and forward with her to get ideals, we want to do some by our self, some with her. Unbelievable service, perfect English, call whenever you needed, and I remembered email her during Tet - New year and she got straight back with more information in two days, so really good service. Since we come here, tour guide speaks perfect English, and it is really good to get a local because they understand and tell you about history of what. When you go to Angkor Wat, some of the temples if you just go there, you don’t understand about the history but a local can give you that, tell you history, wars. We found that were very interesting.

The hotels had been amazing, really high standard we are on the honeymoon so we are fussy clients but very high standard.

Our travel agent had rung all hotels before we arrived so every place we arrive we saw a box of chocolate happy honeymoon and a rose.

All the internal fly – 6 flies been booked so we are literally arrived to the airport get on air- condition cars, tour guides waiting for us. I never thought I will book through a travel agent but definitely if we go on holiday again I don’t think I will do it by myself again.

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